Troll Who Fatally Swatted Kansas Man Got Out of Jail Early for Bomb Threat

Tyler Barriss was supposed to be in prison for swatting. Instead, he was out, online, and allegedly placed a fatal swatting hoax on Thursday.

Barriss, 25, is accused of falsely reporting a murder and hostage situation at a strangers home after a video game dispute on December 28. When police arrived on the scene, they opened fire on 28-year-old Andrew Finch, killing him as he came to his own front door. The dangerous hoax is called swatting, in reference to the heavily armed police SWAT teams who respond to the prank calls.

Barriss, who went by SWauTistic online, was an experienced swatter, with multiple arrests under his belt. And if hed served all his time for a previous bomb threat, or a more recent protective order, Barris would have still been in prison at the time of Finchs death, jail records show.

In 2015, KABC-TV in Glendale, California had been forced to evacuate all employees twice in two weeks after someone called in bomb threats. Barriss was arrested and convicted in the crank calls and was sentenced to two years in prison in in May 2016. Instead of serving a full sentence, Barriss was released in January 2017, prison records show.

He was arrested again that same month, this time on charges of violating a protective order. Barriss entered a plea accepting the conviction, and was sentenced to another year of prison on January 27.

But once again, Barriss was able to leave prison early, getting out of his Los Angeles County lockup on August 24, 2017. Within months, he was back to swatting.

On December 8, Barriss was boasting on his SWauTistic Twitter profile.

Gonna swat MLG Dallas, Barriss messaged another Twitter user, in reference to Major League Gamings conference in Dallas that day.

Do it up, the other user replied, egging Barriss on. [You] wont.

Minutes later, the Major League Gaming was evacuating its Dallas convention center over a bomb threat, and Barriss was taking credit on Twitter.

Sorry @MLG, Barriss tweeted at Major League Gaming, encouraging Twitter users to follow his backup swatting account just in case twitter suspends me for being a god.

Six days later, Barriss allegedly set his sights on an even higher-profile target.

Gonna evacuate the net neutrality meeting guys dont be upset, he tweeted on December 14, while the Federal Communications Commission was holding a vote to eliminate net neutrality protections. Shortly after Barrisss tweet, the FCC meeting was put on brief hold while everyone was evacuated and police swept the room with bomb-sniffing dogs.

Barriss proclaimed himself too godly.

l swatted FCC and MLG Dallas l'm not busted yet

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