Photographer Shoots Finnish Forest Animals Like Theyre Professional Models, And We Cant Stop Looking At Them

Helsinki-based artist Joachim Munter invites you to step into the fairytale-like wildlife of Finland through his photos. Viewing his portraits of local forest animals, you instantly feel an intimate connection with the subjects, having to pinch yourself to check if you aren’t dreaming.

Munter’s work becomes even more astonishing after you realize how short his relationship with the camera is. “I started photographing about 10 months ago,” he told Bored Panda. “I was more interested in landscape photography but I slowly started to become more interested in wildlife. I found it more challenging and rewarding.”

Upon first glance, these animals look like they were trained. From a curious fox to a hungry squirrel, Munter builds such a strong bond with the creatures, they look perfectly comfortable while in front of his lens. “Wildlife photography is all about gaining the trust of the animals,” Munter said. “The most important thing – in my opinion – is not to chase the animals. You just need time and patience; let the animal become comfortable around you.”

He usually works around Helsinki. “My sessions vary from just a few hours to a whole day,” Munter explained. “That’s what I like about wildlife photography; it’s so unpredictable, you can never be sure what’s going to happen and what animals you’ll meet. Sometimes it can go weeks without a good session and sometimes you can get many good shots in just a few hours.”

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